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Canadian Livestock Transport

Transporting and handling livestock is one tough job. So make sure to train with the best by enrolling in the Canadian Livestock Transport Certification Program.

The Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) Certification Program offers a comprehensive online course and resource hub for all individuals involved in the relocation of livestock and poultry. Livestock Handling training is not only essential, but also mandated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This training benefits everyone in the industry from farmers to transporters to consumers.

It’s Better – The CLT program delivers a multimedia experience accessible 24-7 to everyone involved in livestock transportation. Get certified using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Start at your convenience and complete each module’s test at your own pace.

It’s Safer – CLT training helps both you and the animals.

It’s Canadian – It’s the only program based on Canadian regulations and is also valid in the US.

Moreover, the new and improved CLT platform includes a validation tool to verify certification. As certifications are not transferrable, we strongly advocate for everyone in the industry to undertake training.

Additionally, training manuals and materials, including the Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals, are provided electronically. The course registration fee covers the exam and certificate issuance. Fees are per participant, plus applicable taxes, for a three-year certification (in Canadian dollars).

It's Better. It’s Safer. It’s Canadian.

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