Advancing Animal Health & Welfare in Canada

Animal Health Canada is the only national organization that brings together industry, federal, provincial, and territorial partners to provide collaborative guidance on a cohesive, functional, and responsive farmed animal health and welfare system in Canada.

AHC is a not-for-profit corporation jointly funded by members which include federal, provincial, and territorial governments, industry organizations, and other partners working in animal health and welfare in Canada.

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Simple, easy to use Learning Management System

The AHC learning management system (LMS) is web-based, giving you all the flexibility and convenience the internet has to offer. This means no software to install or setup - you simply access your course through a web browser on your computer offering you, your employees, members, or the public a hassle-free experience for the training they need.

  • Spend more time learning the material and less time learning the system.
  • Online training, testing, and certification.
  • Keep your records secure.

Simply log in and begin learning right away!

Why Choose

AHC offers interactive online training specifically for the Canadian animal agriculture sector. Our online training is easy to use, affordable, and instantly deployable. Students can readily access their training course 24/7 from inside or outside of work and their records are portable.


Our online courses are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that content is accurate and that the learning experience is user-friendly, engaging, and practical.

Employer Accounts

Employer accounts make it easy to order and distribute training, track individual and group progress, and manage training records.


Self-paced learning enables participants to learn the material at the rate best for them. Users can leave the course at any time and can continue at any time.